RM03: Spatial Analysis and Modelling

Welcome to 2020 lent term module RM03 : Spatial Analysis and Modelling.
Meterials of supervision could be found below.

Course outline

Lectures Topic Lecturers
Lecture 1 Introduction: Concepts, theory and practice in spatial analysis using GIS and data science (Elisabete A. Silva)
Lecture 2 Data types of data, data collection and processing: from census to new live data harvesting in a digital age of big data (Elisabete A. Silva)
Lecture 3 GIS and Data Processing: vector/raster/image data sets (Elisabete A. Silva)
Lecture 4 Spatial metrics & analysis: static and dynamic environments (Elisabete A. Silva & José Reis)
Supervision 1 Introduction of spatial analysis using Quantum GIS(QGIS) [Slides] [Exercises][Assignment][Answer] (H. Niu, H. R. Kwon)
Lecture 5 Urban and Environmental Dynamic Modelling (Elisabete A. Silva )
Lecture 6 Dynamic simulation models SA, MCA, ABM, CA, GA and NN: development, calibration, validation (Elisabete Silva)
Supervision 2 Netlogo - urban modelling [Slides][Exercises][Assignment][Answer] (H. R. Kwon, P. M. Scherer)
Lecture 7 Hot topics in Spatial analysis and new technologies (H. Niu, Y. Chen, H. R. Kwon, P. M. Scherer)
Lecture 8 Data Science, Complexity Theory and Adaptive Planning (Elisabete A. Silva)
Supervision 3 Linking Big Data(harvesting & mining) with QGIS [Slides][Exercises] (H. Niu, Y. Chen)
Revision Supervision TBC  


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